Pilot Programme

The aims of the SoFAB project are to raise awareness of the potential and practice of Social Farming in the Region, to build a strong co-operative cross-sectoral network that will inform the development of the pilots and generate training programmes that support the forthcoming pilot programme as well as for the future development in Social Farming enterprises.

The pilot programme is central to the success of the project’s aims, as it helps to establish direct contracts between the health and social support services and the farmers who will deliver Social Farming. Through the pilot, training needs will be identified and appropriate training delivered before, during and after the pilot.  In short the pilot programme will help ensure the delivery of high quality Social Farming ahead of proposed changes in Social and Health care provision and the introduction of personalised budgets.

The SoFAB Project will establish 20 pilots commencing in Spring 2013 and will be completed by winter 2013;

Participating pilot farmers will receive training and mentoring before and during the pilot.

Further training will be developed based on the expereince of the pilot programme.

Each farm will host a small number of people who use services during the pilot programme (spring – winter 2013) for a total of 30 visits.

SoFAB Project Staff and Social and Health Care personnel will support the farms where appropriate during the pilot.

Monitoring and evaluation throughout the life time of the pilot will ensure that follow up training programmes are highly effective.

The lessons learnt from the pilot programme will be disseminated firstly through a SoFAB conference and secondly the pilots will influence the content a Social Farming Guidance Handbook by May 2014

If you have any queries please contact the SoFAB office directly.