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GROWING CONNECTIONS, CHANGING LIVES Insights and Learning From Social Farming Across Ireland
A National Conference on Social Farming took place in the Emmaus Centre in Swords Co. Dublin last Friday, the 23rd of March. 140 attendees from all over Ireland learnt more about the development of s
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Care Farming Netherlands Handbook


This resource is a direct English translation of the handbook developed on behalf of the Dutch National Support Centre for Agriculture and Care. The original is available to farmers in Holland looking for advice on starting a care farm and is only concerned with Dutch legislation and systems of finance, quality and insurance. Confirmation of the accuracy and currency in the information may be sought from the translator, Ina Kattenbroek, beezy@solcon.nl. This information should only be used by aspiring care farmers and others in the UK & Ireland for general interest and background as it in no way pertains to UK or Irish standards and guidelines. Any reliance you place upon this material will be at your sole risk.

NCFI, its associates or partners, are not responsible for the content in this handbook and cannot guarantee the accuracy of this material and hereby expressly disclaim any responsibility for error, omission or inaccuracy in the material, misinterpretation and any loss, disappointment, negligence or damage caused by the reliance on the material contained in this handbook or any failure or alleged failure in the delivery of the services referred to herein, or in the event of bankruptcy, liquidation or cessation of trade of any company, individual or firm referred to herein.

The NCFI would like to thank the Dutch National Support Centre for Agriculture and Care for making this handbook available and to Ina Kattenbroek for her work in translating it. For further information on the National Support Centre for Agriculture and Care in Holland and its activities see www.landbouwzorg.nl


Care Farming Netherlands